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Sat 9th June

7.30 pm.



Upham Road


Ten in a Bar

Welcome to Ten in a Bar Swindons Premier Close Harmony Group

Ten in a Bar is established as Wiltshire's premier close harmony singing group. Under the musical direction of Jill Hodge Ten in a Bar performs an eclectic mix of music  from modern classics to serious contemporary works. Next year they celebrate 25 years of music and charity work.

The group is fortunate to have many leading soloists, but it is the closeness of their ensemble work which endows them with a distinctive and professional sound .

Ten in a Bar started with 8 singers, a director and accompanist – hence the name Ten in a Bar!  But over the years the group has comprised up to 16 singers with an age range from 17 years upwards.

Jill had already directed a number of successful choirs in and around the Swindon area when the group was formed in 1992, With a reputation for high quality singing and music sketches – Ten in a Bar was never going to be just another singing group.

The group perform their annual show at the Arts Centre in Old Town, Swindon in February, and then usually select a number of charity concerts throughout the year in which to feature their latest repertoire. They have supported many charities over the years through the Rotary Club , Swindon Cares and Swindon Borough Council charities.

The group have also been into the studio to record a high quality CD of their repertoire from the 2018 show. This is available at concerts throughout the year.

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